About Us

The Company

BORN Traders is a global operating service company concerning financial markets and trading financial instruments.

The main business is trading, solution finding in the field of trading, advisory and support for institutional clients and the training and support of professional and private traders.

Our Clients

The worldwide biggest exchanges belong to the long list of our clients as well as banks, brokers, fund and portfolio managers and financial service providers around the globe.

However, also our private clients from spare time trader up to independently wealthy investors are spread around the world.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Dedicate yourself to your goals with passion and satisfy others with your attainment.

The fervidness for trading and the world around the financial markets cheers us on as well as our clients.

This is the base to achieve awesome results and reach even ambitious goals together.

BORN Traders GmbH

Bettinastr. 30
60325 Frankfurt/Main

Fon: +49 69 97 461 135


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