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Trading Newsletters are outdated, Education and Practical Experience are now combined... in Realtime!

Perfect Combination for your Trading Success

Of course you can learn in seminars, webinars and thousands of books how to trade the markets... theoretically. However, daily trading for real often looks completely different: the current chart looks ugly, it is tough to apply the theory and the trader gets frustrated while the account goes down. This shows that education and practical experience are completely different.

nextmarketsThis will change now as we together with our partner nextmarkets provide education and practical experience in one for you. On the innovative platform of nextmarkets you can watch in real time and recap again and again how we see the markets, how to analyse and how to execute a trade from the very beginning until the closing of the position. Additionally you can see what markets we think have good trading opportunities what may help you finding suitable trades for you. 

Trading Stocks, Currencies and Indices

Rüdiger Born is trading selected stocks from the US, Germany and other regions with high liquidity. Additional he is going for currencies (FX) and the most important indices.

A Chart Technical Trading Approach

The trading approach includes Elliott waves and Fibonaccis as well as selected indicators to trade trends in different time frames, additionally Rüdiger Born's BORN bar which is providing a bunch of signals for fast targets and swift trailed stops for quick and easy trades or as a start for further targets on all time frames.

All trading ideas from the very beginning will have a named stop level applying an active stop and take profit management.

Time Frame and Frequency

Our trading ideas on nextmarkets are for just a few days up to some few weeks. From time to time we add some trading ideas with shorter duration, depending on the market situation. Normally you should expect between 10 and 20 ideas per week.

How to do

We want to keep focus on our trading and on your education. Thus, our partner nextmarkets is providing the access to this service. Just register on the website of nextmarkets, choose Rüdiger Born as your trading coach and watch our trading ideas in realtime. This service will start soon.

More details and your registration here: Rüdiger Born at nextmarkets.com (link follows as soon as service starts)

Services for Private Clients


For further details or requests just send an email to info@born-traders.com or call us: +49 69 97 461 135.

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